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LeMans Online Registration

We will again be having Lemans registration online to alleviate the rush and crowding in the registration trailer on Saturday morning. Early registration allows more time to get everything entered into the timing system before race day, so we can start on time and finish early. 


Deadline for Online Registration: Midnight on Thursday before race day

Registrations and payment need to be submitted online by midnight on Thursday, before race day to allow time to get all entries into the timing system.

If you cannot pay online via PayPal, please fill out this form and email to  You can then pay on race day when you pick up your bib and/or transponder.

We will have Friday night registration at Rumorz Bar & Grill in Clear Lake - we'll try to start at 5:30pm.  Even if you pre-register online, you can still stop in to Rumorz to socialize, have some eats/drinks, and support one of our sponsors!

There will be a $20 same-day registration fee added to any LeMans registrations on Saturday, so sign up early!  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Note: Early registration is not necessary for Radar Runs or Little LeMans (Kitty Kat, 120, 200, Snow Scoot races); Saturday registration is fine for those.

Midwest Sled Fest Race Bibs

Bib fee is $25, with $20 refundable if you return it after the race.

Do you have a race number on your jacket or snowmobile? If it's easily visible, you won't need to pay the bib fee.

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